Water and energy are intertwined. Producing energy uses water, and providing freshwater uses energy. Both these processes face growing limits and problems. Informational Data Technologies implements AMR and AMI technologies within energy companies to aid in regulatory compliance and offer strong opportunities to address the water-related impacts of energy use. Midstream companies can focus on replacing freshwater sources while maintaining accurate data about the use and loss during transfer and projects. 


Enabling Renewable Energy

Placing a greater focus on water use, re-use, and renewal allows energy companies to analyze production statistics and progress clean energy efforts. 


Loss Mitigation

The IDT Zone Analysis tool helps identify problem areas that need immediate attention so that companies remain EPA compliant and contribute more to their communities by maintaining efficient production. 


Water Conservation

Combining data analysis and loss mitigation helps strengthen water conservation efforts across the US. With the cooperation of the Energy industry, AMR and AMI technologies enable greater communication and increase confidence in energy producers. 


Finding Funding 

Federal funding efforts are lacking for small water communities that rely on consumer rates to upgrade systems. IDT is connected to agencies that can help procure funds to bring energy companies into compliance and provide safer drinking water for communities.


Non-Profit Organizations

IDT is proud to partner with non-profit organizations to provide clean drinking water to underserved communities and to work with Energy companies to procure accurate use data. 


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