From farming to livestock, Informational Data Technologies understands the need for constant monitoring of water resources. IDT provides the agricultural industry the ability to monitor water use and prevent water loss by implementing AMR and AMI technologies. The many similarities in compliance and infrastructure regulations between rural water systems and agricultural businesses allow IDT to seamlessly support one of the most versatile and important markets. Managing water is the key to the future of agriculture and focusing on sustainability will advance the prospects of the industry. 

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Data Retrieval and Analysis

Monitoring and analyzing water use enables ease of management and prevents losses from over-use and lack of efficiency 


Loss Mitigation

The IDT Zone Analysis tool helps identify problem areas that need immediate attention so that producers remain USDA compliant and contribute more to their communities by maintaining efficient production. 


Water Conservation

Combining data analysis and loss mitigation helps strengthen water conservation efforts across the US. With the cooperation of the agricultural industry, AMR and AMI technologies create a unique bond between communities and regulators. 


Finding Funding 

Federal funding efforts are lacking for small water communities that rely on consumer rates to upgrade systems. IDT is connected to agencies that can help procure funds to bring water systems into compliance and provide safer drinking water for their community.


Non-Profit Organizations

IDT is proud to partner with non-profit organizations to provide clean drinking water to underserved communities and to work with the ag industry to procure accurate use data.