Since 2010, we have dedicated our company to solving problems in the water industry. We started with Rural Water in the Midwest, and are constantly reaching new customers and new markets to care for a most precious resource. 

Our Mission

We strive to find new solutions to issues within the water industry related to loss mitigation, data loss, data inaccuracy, and infrastructure issues. We work with companies large and small, meter manufacturers, and educational facilities to research and educate ourselves and the industry. IDT's satellite-based technology is constantly evolving as we continue making moves to be fully compatible with the Smart City movement and remaining at the frontline for innovation. 

Meet the Team

Irene Polsinelli

Irene was the wife and confidant of Angelo, IDT’s founder. Irene contributes to the company by assisting in all areas where she is needed and leading us to the forefront of innovation. She fills our inboxes with new ideas and ways to stay ahead. Irene’s involvement in her church community, ability to chase and control her pets, and wonderful attitude of service carry over into her professional life.

Amber Thurman
Director of Business Strategy

The company’s token Texan shares her knowledge of markets, partnership acquisition, strategy, and public relations to help IDT find new directions. Amber has experience across many markets and applications and has worked with the Meadows Foundation, Texas A&M, The Business Council for the Arts, and several non-profit organizations and communities.

Andrea Polsinelli
Executive Vice President

A product of IDT's inception, Andrea is the glue that holds the team together. She is ardent about IDT, the legacy we leave, and the impact we can have on our markets. Andrea has an uncanny connection with our customers and works to make sure everyone has exactly what they need. Outside of work, she dedicates time to her four children and works with the community.

Nick Polsinelli
Director of Sales and Channel

A graduate of the University of Dallas, Nick brings years of sales management experience to the IDT team and is deeply rooted in the rural water industry. Nick specializes in educating customers and partners on the markets we serve and how our products solve problems. Nick is passionate about giving back and goes above and beyond to serve IDT and his community.

Remembering Angelo

Father, friend, and founder of IDT, Angelo Polsinelli was passionate about his work and devoted to his family. He leaves an ardent legacy in his wife and children who are working every day to further his work with IDT and in the family's community. Angelo believed in honest and fervent work both personally and professionally. IDT strives every day to be what he always believed we could be.