The IDT Solution

Informational Data Technologies has developed an easily accessed web-based platform to analyze and display data collected at meter sites. The IDT dashboard displays important information that you want to see as soon as you open your account and gives access to information on individual locations. Historical data on sites, high flow alarms, and an overall view of your system keeps the most used information at the forefront of your account. Detailed views then provide historical data and site-specific information to give a complete rendering of data that is needed.

IDT Standard Field Unit 

With standard programming, the device wakes up hourly and transmits a water meter reading once per day via satellite. Available accessories include pressure reading and the ability to receive over-the-air commands to control a remote shutoff valve. The unit has the ability to retransmit a meter reading to a separate remote reader or device and can be reprogrammed to report at different intervals. 

The idt web-based platform

The platform has several pages for the customer to view data including a multiple location view with important information right on your homepage, historical data view for individual locations with graphs that are easily printed and exported, comprehensive system view for easy analysis of total business as well as audit, and alarm information for flow and pressure alerts.

The platform is secure and accessible from most devices.

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