IDT was born out of Rural America with a service philosophy. In an effort to keep our customers ahead of the curve, we have listened to everything (the good, bad, and ugly) to deliver a solution to their problems. As environmental concerns become ever prevalent, IDT understands the need for new technologies to solve these problems. As IDT nears 14,000 deployments throughout the US, the game is changing for the information needed and how meter reading technologies mitigate compliance and regulation.  


Informational Data Technologies and KO Environmental Solutions Announce an Integration Partnership to Bring Satellite-Based Automated Water Management to the Oil and Gas Industry

For Immediate Release

January 8, 2018

Informational Data Technologies (IDT) of Dallas, Texas have partnered with KO Environmental Solutions (KO) of Houston, Texas to bring the availability of data automation to service companies in the Oil and Gas Industry to streamline water management.
The direct connection between IDT and KO will allow companies to monitor and manage water assets remotely using satellite communication. This will provide a more reliable and complete coverage than cellular based platforms and a simpler solution than RFID. Companies will be able to access data from most internet connected devices and manage their water from anywhere.
KO will be marketing the IDT Water Management Solution in conjunction with their environmental containment and water transfer products such as containment systems, geomembrane liners, HD pipe, pit liners and pit covers. KO will integrate the IDT solution to provide a one-stop-shop for environmental containment and management.